In this brief writing, I work to explain my agreements and point of disagreement with a strange yet core belief of one of the most influential philosophers of the modern era, Rene Descartes.

Before I get into that, I’ll give a brief background on who he was. Rene Descartes was a French born philosopher, mathematician, and scientist. His novel beliefs and work challenged the norms of science and math and created a new union between religion and scientific works. I’m not going to dive too heavily into Mr. …

Who was Nietzsche?

Frederick Nietzsche was a german philosopher who, as an esoteric moralist, aimed, through writings and teachings, to free human beings from their false consciousness about morality, not at a transformation of society at large. …

Using thorium to engineer game changing reactors that will leave a mark on our world.

Photo by Frédéric Paulussen on Unsplash

Before I begin breaking down the solution myself and my team created using the model ore of thorium, I think one should understand first the basis on which we were driven to innovate.

Thinking 10x

What do iPods and rockets have in common with thorium reactors? Well, actually quite a lot. If I’ve intrigued you, I suggest you read on.

Conventional developments are just that: conventional. A conventionally great breakthrough often consists of ~10% increase in efficiency. …

A world class entrepreneur, hedge fund manager, venture capitalist, and renowned angel investor, Peter Thiel has no small track record to refer to validate his credibility. In all of his social and financial successes, Mr.Thiel has remained consistent in displaying and making evident what he believes are fundamental principles on which to live.

While these learnings are numerous, in this article, I’ll outline one of the most impactful frameworks that Mr.Thiel describes in the text below.

Definite Optimism

Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

COVID-19. I’ll try to avoid going into detail regarding the effects of the virus, as I assume most all of you are familiar with the changes it has already driven forth. But with that said, if you would still like to gain a deep understanding of this virus, it’s widely seen consequences, and other pandemics, I highly recommend reading this master guide.

Now that I’ve gotten through that, let’s get into the reason why you probably clicked of this article, shall we?

The phrase medical automation has reached buzz word status in this period of intelligent machine creation. Disregarding the…

Take a look at the photo below:

Photo by Vincent Keiman on Unsplash

Looking at this image for just a few seconds, one can answer a number of critical questions.

  • What is the weather like?
  • Is there anything being cooked?
  • How many people are visibly present in this scene?

These distinctions were easily made because of in-depth analysis, but rather by something more simple: the human experience. Only until the evolution of machine learning has this experience been able to be modeled in mediums other than humans. Key aspect of this experience is the ability to understand and visualize the world. Although methods of analysis like…

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

If asked, an overwhelming majority of educated opinionists would agree that the largest problem that we face as a society is the issue of climate change. Like I am sure most of you understand, the rate at which we are environmentally declining is far too dramatic for any mediocre solution to solve.

Similar to other times in our history, truly intuitive solutions are necessary to solve truly hard problems. I think that the most efficient means of solving an issue at the scale of the climate is by harnessing the natural resources and functions at our disposal. The Earth’s natural…

Quantifying one of the largest problems in banking.

The Problem

Other than those with an extremely unusual financial grounding, in order to make a transaction of any significant worth, you are forced to take out a loan. The institution most looked upon to provide these funds are banks, but for those suffering in the extreme cases of financial instability, risk averse and dangerous alternatives are used.

Many in these situations find themselves completely unable to provide the funds necessary to pay these loans back in a timely manner, resulting in an uncontrollable increase because of interest rate.

Far too many financial and loan-giving institutions establish standardized interest rates simply based…

The intuitive computing system that is fighting with traders for their jobs.


The Problem

A friend of mine recently started investing in public securities. While he understood the risk he faced after choosing to do this, he believed his general knowledge of the markets would allow for him to create success at of his risky decision. As the weeks went by, I saw him get increasingly frustrated by shrinking of his portfolio. This decline in assets became so drastic, that he eventually sold all of his positions in order to secure the practically meaningless amount of money.

Millions across the world have fallen into similar financial dilemmas as a result of number of factors.

What is this? These are just strange symbols placed in a particular order that hold no meaning if not digested correctly, yet your mind is continuously making sense of this collection of nonsense.

Cool. How?

Well, the most common method thought to facilitate this understanding is the periodic movement of the eyes from left to right, deciphering the meaning of each word by analyzing the order of the symbols and their subsequent pronunciation.

Strangely, but rationally enough, this is the basis for all efficient image recognition algorithms. Let’s get into it.

A Practical Example

Imagine that you are walking through an art museum…

Jack McDonald

Innovator at The Knowledge Society

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