Cartesian Doubt and My Disagreements with Rene Descartes

Cartesian Doubt

A foundational belief of Rene Descartes was the idea of radical skepticism. In his writings, Descartes described the methods by which to practice this belief in the following words “[doubt] everything there [is] to doubt.”

  • Child getting sick
  • Yourself getting sick
  • Family member passing
  • Traffic accident
  • Bad weather

A Brief Rebuttal

For many, this approach to opportunity doesn’t seem rational, and it really isn’t in most all circumstances. Despite this, I find it important to discuss the validity of this claim.


Hey, I’m Jack. I’m a 16-year-old developer and Innovator at The Knowledge Society. Over the past few months, I’ve been diving deep into machine learning and software development as a whole. I’m working on projects I find interesting and you might as well. Navigate to the links below to connect!



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Jack McDonald

Jack McDonald

Innovator at The Knowledge Society